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NCR SelfServ™ ATM/TITO kiosk
NCR reduces the cost of casino ticket redemptions
by NCR

World leader in ATMs to provide slot machine players with quick and easy access to gaming tickets and their winnings

London / United Kingdom / 2009-02-04 (GlobalGamingPR) -
LONDON – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is launching its NCR SelfServ™ ATM/TITO (Ticket In Ticket Out) kiosk – which players can use for gaming ticket purchases, winning ticket redemptions and making cash withdrawals to the casino industry. The kiosk is designed to deliver the highest levels of availability thanks to a range of new features, including self-healing technology.

The new solution enables players to purchase gaming tickets for use on any slot machine and redeem their winnings in cash once they have finished playing. This is in addition to breaking banknotes into smaller denominations, withdrawing cash, taking out a cash advance and checking bank account balances.

A number of the compact kiosks can be distributed at convenient locations across the gaming floor, helping guests maximize their playing time. Guests who can get quick and easy access to their cash are also more likely to increase onsite spending in bars, restaurants and retail stores.

Scott Winzeler, vice president of industry marketing for NCR’s gaming solutions, commented, “With NCR’s move into the gaming market, slot machine venues can now benefit from more reliable, banking-grade self-service technology to give their guests easy access to gaming credits and cash. This will help them deliver consistent, speedy service, while helping to decrease cash handling costs and increase revenues.”

By deploying the NCR SelfServ ATM/TITO kiosk venues can reduce the number of large cashier desks on the gaming floor. This clears space for more lucrative gaming devices and frees up staff to focus on other customer service and revenue generating activities. NCR is announcing the product pending regulatory approval.

NCR has been the world leader in the ATM market for 22 consecutive years. The gaming kiosk is based on the technology in its latest generation NCR SelfServ ATM, which features a number of innovations. NCR has reduced the need for replenishment and maintenance tasks, helping casinos keep running costs for the units extremely low. New self-healing technology means the kiosks automatically restart in the event of an application or operating system issue. In the past this would result in 3-4 hours of downtime while the fault was discovered and attended to in person. Now the kiosk will be back online within just 10 to 15 minutes.

NCR has significantly reduced the receipt paper replenishment requirements as well. The receipt printer accommodates two paper rolls with an automatic change of feed from one roll to another, takes larger diameter paper rolls and dispenses NCR’s lowest ever minimum receipt length of just three inches. Gaming venues have the option of NCR’s patented two-sided thermal printing, which is ideal for printing promotional messages or discount vouchers on the reverse of the receipts.

Power savings have also been achieved with the availability of Intel Core™ 2 Duo processors and long-life LED lighting, which provide improved performance with lower levels of power consumption.

NCR hardware maintenance services leverage the global reach, infrastructure and skills of NCR service personnel currently supporting other cash handling technologies including ATMs, self-service cash recyclers and self check-outs. Remote hardware performance reporting and powerful data mining tools provide the ability to send the right technician, with the right part at the right time resulting in higher device availability.

About NCR Corporation
NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a global technology company and leader in automated teller machines, self-checkouts and other self- and assisted-service solutions, serving customers in more than 100 countries. NCR's software, hardware, consulting and support services help organizations in retail, financial, travel, healthcare and other industries interact with consumers across multiple channels.

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NCR is a trademark of NCR Corporation in the United States and other countries.

News Media Contact
Helen McInnes
NCR Corporation
+44(0)207 725 8253 / +44(0)7748 761 041
[email protected]

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NCR SelfServ™ ATM/TITO kiosk

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