Thursday, July 19, 2019
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About NCR : NCR Corporation is bringing convenient self-service solutions to the gaming industry in response to consumer demand. Applying its best practice expertise across many industries, including travel, lodging, food service, retail and banking.

NCR’s portfolio of self-service solutions improve the guest experience, lower costs and increase revenues. They include:

- NCR Xpress Hotel (check-in and check-out of your hotel quickly using this user-friendly kiosk);

- NCR Wayfinding (find the best way to your destination on an interactive digital display or kiosk);

- NCR SelfServ™ ATM/TITO (purchase gaming tickets, redeem your winnings break banknotes into smaller denominations, withdraw cash, take out a cash advance and check your bank balance);

- NCR SelfServ Order and Pay (self-service kiosk for ordering and paying for food);

- NCR SelfServ Cash Office (an employee float dispense and deposit solution);

- NCR CheckInHere (check in for your flights remotely using this kiosk).

206 Marylebone Road
NW1 6LY London
United Kingdom
Phone number +44 (0)207725 8253
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